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Director Interview : Elias, Director of International Development at HOPPEN

director interview Elias HOPPEN

Director Interview : Elias, Director of International Development at HOPPEN

Throughout the year, we introduce you to the employees within the HOPPEN Group. Today, we offer you the portrait of Elias, Director of International Development

What is your mission within HOPPEN?

As Director of International development, my mission is to develop HOPPEN overseas (including French territories until now). Although the major part is to develop the sales & references, we also ensure the whole processes within my team, i.e; from before sales, delivering and after sales.

What is the role of the Commercial Department within HOPPEN?

The main role of the department is to generate the company’s revenue, and inevitably acquire client’s trust.

What are the different jobs/missions for which your teams are responsible?

As mentioned, besides the sales force as the main mission, MA team’s responsibilities are to develop and adapt sales tools, ensure the company’s representation of promotional events, then also ensure the deliverables and to supervise the after sales.
In sum, our jobs are quite diverse, we all have different aspects to cover like a start up, with the objective to grow and to integrate all our processes within the group.

What are the essential qualities to join your team?

Accountability, taking initiatives, and being very open minded (since we deal with different countries and cultures) and especially flexibility.
One forbidden question within our team is “is this my job?”
As explained, all team members need to cover different tasks, in order to ensure a smooth process. And again this is the actual way.

What are you proud of in your team? (big successful project, etc…)

First of all, our references diversity of the whole world. In fact, we acquired references on 3 different continents; America’s, Middle East and Europe. In addition, we succeeded to convince facing competitors that were already established for many years, either local or international.

We were also able to get a diversity of projects, Direct or Indirect, which provided us with significant experiences (Saudi Arabia, UAE, German Switzerland, Anitllas, and many more hopeful by the end of the year).

I am pretty proud of the team; since for all us us, all the tasks are always new (first time ever done), however the team has always been able to face these challenges and never gave up. I am proud, because we are a dynamic team, that works as a TEAM on a daily basis. In addition, the team had the ability to import different practices from overseas, that is to continuously improve for the HOPPEN group.

HOPPEN in one sentence/in a few words?

It is an adventure, no routines! Each morning is a new day without knowing what we will encounter.

Why join HOPPEN/your team?

At HOPPEN, everyday is a new day. Within the team, you need to love learning and being constantly challenged. My goal is to establish the A team, ambitious, strong & efficient.

Thank you Elias for answering our questions!

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