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we guide HealthCare Facilities in their Digital Transformation to enable them to


To make the world a healthier place.

Our solutions

Connected Room

Enhance patients’ comfort and safety

  • Increase incomes generated thanks to hospitality services
  • Improve your patients’ stay
  • Optimize your internal flows and processes
  • Save time for your staff
  • Better traceability of the medical tasks
  • Increase your healthcare facility visibility and attractiveness

Ambulatory patient’s flows

Improve and optimize Patient’s Flows

  • Simplify the patients’ admission process
  • Improve and optimize your ambulatory pathway
  • Manage your patients’ flow in real-time
  • Be alerted in case of incidents occurring in the patients’ flow
  • Follow up on patients care after they return home

Connected patient

Enable patients to be more engaged and empowered

  • Decrease your administrative costs
  • Increase your hospital service revenues
  • Improve patient pathway
  • Reduce wait time for the patient’s admission
  • Reduce the average length of stay
  • Increase the security of appointments
  • Improve the security of payments

Key Figures

The number of patients using our Digital Hospital solutions every year in France.
The amount of money Health Care facilities can save by optimizing their internal flows and processes.


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